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Our Services

Amazing Results

Our team provides pre-construction development services for utility-scale solar PV projects, including design, site review, permitting, and structured finance.  If you're interested in exploring large-scale solar PV for your needs, our team will be happy to help you assess your options.

Design Services

Customized Solutions for Long Term Results

We monitor changes in technology, employ industry leading best practices, and specify only top-tier manufacturers.  We do NOT sacrifice long-term performance for lowest up-front cost, but instead seek to optimize project returns fairly for all parties involved.  Our design services lead the evolution of each project from concept to interconnect and permitting to final construction.

Site Review

To Ensure Success

Comprehensive site review is an important risk mitigation measure for any project.  Recommended due diligence includes, as applicable, geotech or structural review, environmental phase I, endangered species or historic review, wetland delineation, FAA review, title search for easement conflicts, ALTA survey, and a leasehold owner's title insurance policy.


Utility, State, and Local

We make the entire process seamless to our clients.  Included, as required, are interconnect applications with the applicable utility, impact and feasibility studies with the utility or regional transmission operator, storm water and erosion control plans, conservation permits, flood plain review, and planning board or municipal review.

Structured Finance

Direct or Third Party Ownership

Placement and negotiation of structured finance documents, including but not limited to, transactions utilizing partnership-flip, sale-lease-back, and lease-pass-through structures, or third party PPA and virtual net metering services.  We customize our approach for each project to fit the needs of the stakeholders involved, ensuring the best possible results for investors, power off-takers, and site hosts alike.

Project Liaison

Experience Counts

Every project is unique, so having an experienced partner to successfully navigate obstacles is a must.  We serve as a liaison between stakeholders during the development process, including as applicable,  project lenders, tax equity investors, land owners, utilities, local communities, and permitting/taxing authorities.

Shovel Ready

Crossing the Finish Line

Once permits, documents, financial structuring and site review are complete, our team can assist with construction ready drawings, firm-bid quotes from trusted partners, and independent engineer's review, to mitigate late-stage risks and ensure success.

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